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Paestum & Buffalo Mozzarella Tasting

An experience between history and food, myths and local flavours.

About this tour

Are you ready to discover the Greek temples of Paestum to refresh your history mind without forgetting to satiate your belly with this mixed tour of history and gastronomy while savoring the famous "buffalo mozzarella". Not only that, we will also visit one of the typical estates of the place and discover all or almost all the secrets of this local delicacy.

Some curiosity :

  • Founded by the Greeks around 600 BC, it was initially called Poseidonia, from Poseidon, or Neptune, god of the sea, to whom the city had been dedicated.

  • Mozzarella di Bufala Campana Dop has on average a lower salt content than cow's milk mozzarella. Easily digestible.

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