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Enogastronomic Tour

Italian food is famous all over the world and Sorrento is no different, come and discover with me all the culinary delights it offers.

About this tour

We usually suggest this tour for all passengers based in Sorrento Peninsula.

This is a must experience based on the culture, traditions and flavors of our Sorrento Peninsula!! You will have the chance to taste our lemon and orange jams on homemade bread, drink the famous limoncello and there will also be the possibility to taste our extra virgin olive oil.

You will visit the one of the farm outside Sorrento, where the owner will present the farm with the animals, you will taste mozzarella with a unique taste, and then before lunch the owner will explain to you what Neapolitan pizza is like, after all the participants make your own pizza and then you eat your pizza, tasting later our dessert and finally limoncello.

Curiosity about Sorrento : Sorrento, Italy is a verdant seaside city perched in the hilly countryside in southwestern Italy. Nestled between the Bay of Naples off the Sorrentine Peninsula and the Lattari Mountains, this ancient city offers unbeatable vistas and delectable foods that will take your breath away. In fact, it is adored by the public so much that it was designated a World Heritage Site in 1997.

Before the Romans took over Italy, Greeks and Etruscans inhabited the Sorrentine Peninsula, as seen by the planimetry used in the layout of the town. Legend has it that the Greek warrior Odysseus (the main character in The Odyssey) founded a temple devoted to the cult of the Sirens; mythological mermaids who lured sailors to their death with their bewitching songs.

In the story, a benevolent sorceress who favours Odysseus, Circe, warns him that his ship will soon encounter the sirens. In a spur of ingenuity, Odysseus stuffs wax in his ears and the ears of his sailors. Odysseus then orders the sailors to tie him to the ship’s mast until they pass the alluring sea temptresses.  

The city itself likely got its name from the sirens, rumoured to swim off the coast of Sorrento.

This is one of the best experiences...


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